Why the ice maker smell bad

Some people in the forum declare that their ice maker smell bad, why this happen? Some one think there could be the dead animal inside of it. As far as my experience, there are two reasons.

If you get a brand new ice maker, it might smell bad when the first you used it. This is because the parts of the ice maker, maybe is made of plastic, So when the first time you open it there must be some smell like plastic, they smell bad. The best way to remove the smell is using the soda water or vinegar water to wash it.

The second situation is if you have an ice maker and you did not use it for several months. If you open it, you may get the same problem. Some guys said that it must be the drain is not installed properly. The right answer is most of the people let it drains into the floor drain which cause this result. The proper way is dry up the sewer and drain and don’t let the drain low the ground line.

So if you get an ice maker just take care of it in a properly way and this will extend it service life which you will get good return.


How to choose an ice maker for yourself

How to choose ice maker for yourself? There are many kinds of ice makers in the market, This must be a hard question as for those people who ever do not get an ice maker. A friend of mine who is going to run a small shop selling the ice drinks in a his small town, but he does not how to select the proper one for his ice drinks business. When the summer has came, with the weather becomes hot, So it is the time to do the thing.

When it comes to buy ice maker, many people have their own various of viewpoints. Some people think it is not good idea to have a ice maker at home, because the ice maker will make many troubles, it produces heat, noise. beside it will take much room in their kitchen. They declare the best way is to buy the ice from the shop instead of having an ice maker themselves. The most important reason is they must pay much electric bill for it. But others are not disagree this point, they are sure it is a wonderful thing to have an ice maker, because they can get the ice anytime when they need it. Beside they can take it outside for various of party and so on. Anyway, they think it worth buying an ice maker.

You can get an ice maker for household used, and it depend on yourself. But as for commercial or business, as in A milk tea shop why needs an ice machine we have mentioned you have to purchase an ice maker. Just like the friend as mentioned above, so how to select an ice maker for your business. The following are advise which I provided for him.

Just like many things in life, you had better get a size bigger than you actually need just to keep it from having trouble afterwards, and no one knows your little business might be successful to expand one day. The bigger size one will not cost much extra money. Choose the air cooled ice maker instead of water cooled ice maker, because the water cooled one will cost much more water bill than the air cooled one cost in electric bill. Make sure there is guarantee clause for your ice maker when you get it.

So following these rules you won’t get a mistake in choosing an ice maker.

A milk tea shop why needs an ice machine

ice machinesWhen you want to run a milk tea shop, there are some things you need. Specific include: sealing machine, water heater, ShaBing machine, Moulter machine, refrigerator, milk tea heat insulation barrels, timer, thermometer, tea bag, s.s. basin and so on, our company will provide every alliance business providing a detailed list of the equipment. The building Lord choose good brand didn’t, I think milk bear milk tea pretty quite good, they are now more than 100 shops and devoted. And you need an ice maker or ice machine.

Milk bear headquarters company will provide technical training and pay you how to open a shop, a series of will help the joining trader provide store design, storefront fitment guidance, opening support, material supply, equipment maintenance and management, like the ice machine,  the manager training, suggest the building Lord to google or bing  search milk milk tea information related to bear.

Milk tea shop input is higher, with the rent and so on the outside investment 20 square meters or so have 10 stores more than ten thousand dollars, this to running a small business is not suitable for people who, besides now the milk tea shop very much, if you want to join, it all aspects are considered mature.

Like the fashionable businesses, anime shop is very good choice, now like anime of so many people, especially young people, has the spending power, but decent anime shop on market almost no, the most is less investment, do not have so much equipment such as ice machine take fund, believe in business street school where young people have a anime shop is a good choice.

So it, buy an ice machine must! Click here to look for an ice machine for sale!

To know how to mend ice machine – a handful of Troubleshooting guides

fix the ice machinesI actually got a portable ice maker just about 3 years ago, during the time we enjoy it, undertake an ice maker generally very nice matter, for instance while in hot summer time our family can have our cool juice. However , sometimes there has a handful of trouble with our ice maker, at last I fix it by myself. So at this site we talk over ways to solution the ice machine problems, and gives some troubleshooting points.

When there are several problems with your ice machine, almost everyone probably will consider that repair man, but what a pity generally that , the matter is actually not a big thing and that we may well correct it by way of personally, and also can help to conserve some bucks as well as hours from it. Then when the trouble is happened, the simplest way is select the manual for the ice machine, confirm the aspect in the guide book, just carry out its instructions, where there you can definitely find the result, or maybe you can find the right formula around the web, just exactly search it on Google or Bing.

All of these are the common troubles are usually happen as we make use of the ice machine.

  1. to generate excess of ice-cubes
  2. provides hardly any ice-cubes.
  3. all of the ice is too big
  4. the ice-cubes isn’t actually enough
  5. ce cubes seems terrible
  6. always makes few of ice-cubes

Making no any ice

So why the ice machines for sale cannot make ice cubes, could possibly be the following:

Check the electrical power source, once the electricitysupplier comes with problems, therefore the ice machine should not do the job. One particular matter may just be the ice machine is powered down, and the way to know which ice machine is switched off? of the right part of the it, there is a line just like the clothing hanger, perhaps the cable is certainly higher spot, it signifies it’s switched off. The right way to solution it is lower the tiny red plastic level lower the wire, if there’s no plastic level, exactly lower the line. Additionally the remain problem in general turn out, could be the freezer cooler gets clogged by ice, so you have got to deal with the ice cubes,
you can use the hair dryer to melt the ice, but the mean moment always make sure do not melt the platic areas of that.

Makes over much ice

The problems often happen to our own ice machine, it gives overload numbers of ice cubes that higher than the ice machine, the main reason why this come about, it due to an item named shut off arm, and this most often loosen from the switch, So that the approach to solve it is very rather easy, slide it back into its place.

Generates Small and lack of ice-cube

Produce small and loss of ice cube, therefore you find there just a bit ice cube is make by it, there must be the water line or the water-inlet value has some problem, just check of these. The water line may just be old and leak, or can be blocked some things, and the water-inlet maybe has the exact same situation. If they have got some problem, select a new one to get rid of it.

Ice tastes really bad smell

At the time the ice machine is totally new, or you first-time work with the ice machine, the brand new ice machine makes ice cube always tastes terrible, or ice cubes smell horrible. Definitely common thing, only wash it by some soda water or vinegar, this trouble will be solved. However , if this isn’t at the first try, and it happens right after, there could be the filter’s problem or you use the impure water, therefore , if the filter that has matter, replace the old filter with other one and try the fresh water, and this won’t happen.

So that these are the troubleshooting key points of correct an ice machine, while the problems is happened, continue with the handbook about the ice machine. On the internet, there are plenty of the ice machine for sale, mend ice machines instructions etc, so the above, i hope that will help.

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